Brown and the TUC, again

Further to my post below, David Hencke of the Guardian has kindly clarified that Gordon Brown is not addressing the TUC congress, but he is speaking at the annual dinner for the TUC’s great and good, apparently on Monday evening.

I don’t have time to check (sorry, shoddy I know but this is blogging not proper journalism), but I think this is the first year since 1997 that Brown hasn’t addressed the TUC – he did of course address it last year. That in itself is rather shocking if it is so, and only serves to point to his current weakness and the fact he’d probably get a lukewarm reception at best. Even the super-loyal super-union Unite’s support for Brown is getting lukewarm.

P.S. Thanks for the link, LabourMatters, but I’m a bloke! René is a boy’s name, Renée a girl’s, like Zellweger.


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4 Responses to “Brown and the TUC, again”

  1. UK Voter Says:

    From what I have witnessed and read, Gordon Brown does not like conflict or criticsm unless he feels he can be in control and have the last word. Clearly at the TUC that would not be the case. The sign of a good leader is a natural ability to overcome your fears, be bold and be brave. Enough said I think!

  2. Enoch Was Right Says:

    Perhaps he is too busy to address the TUC as he to getting on with the job of helping hard-working families through these difficult ecomonic times which the UK ecomony is well-place to cope with.

    Or perhaps is too busy on pointless tokenistic cabinet visits to the arse end of Britain?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I can attest to Miss Lavanchy’s manhood.

  4. Oli Says:

    Oh come on, Birmingham isn’t the arse end – surely it’s more like the appendix?

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