Cruddas vs. Purnell, again

I completely forgot to write below about what it was that prompted me to blog about it in the first place…

What struck me about the choice turned up by the Populus/Times poll is that it reminds me of a story I did for Tribune in May this year. Just after Labour’s disastrous performance in the local elections, two leading MPs were setting out their vision for how Labour could weather the storm. Both made public speeches to that effect; both insisted Labour could still win. Only one demanded a change of direction. It seemed at the time like a duel between the two of them.

Guess who…

The story isn’t available on the Tribune website, but here are some quotes from it, which I noted at the time:

“An open society has a foundation stone. It has an original idea without which the rest is just verbiage. That idea is a fair chance… And that means tackling inequality.

“The outrage we feel at the waste of lives lived in poverty is what links the Labour Party of 2008 with the Labour Party of 1908.”

“For me, this is no 1995. In 1995 it was the government itself that had caused the problem… People do not [now] blame the government for creating the situation.” (Purnell)


“There’s a fundamental rupture between us and traditional working class Labour voters. Our coalition has disintegrated but whole flanks of our party leadership deny this.” (Cruddas)


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