Clumsy briefing over Royal Mail

BBC political correspondent Iain Watson is puzzlingly reporting today that Lord Mandelson has “received” the Hooper review’s final report into the future of Royal Mail. Puzzlingly because Mandelson’s officials actually received it weeks, if not months ago.

What’s going on? I can only assume from the headline, “Report on Royal Mail future due”, that the BBC have been given a steer that Mandelson is finally going to release the report, which some uncharitable contributors have suggested he has been sitting on.

It’s not unusual for a report to remain on a minister’s desk awhile. Some, like the recent Gregg report for the DWP, only get released after a minister has decided to do pretty much what they say.

But unless Mr Watson has made a mistake, it’s plain clumsy for an official to let out a confused story like this. BERR have not sent out even a not-for-publication operational note about the report’s release. If they’re going to release it, they should release it properly – messy briefings always annoy somebody.


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