Bankers’ bonuses: what is going on/going on?

One of my stories for this week’s Tribune will cover the reaction among the public and MPs to the issue of whether bailed-out bankers should get bonuses (I wonder what line Tribune will take).

A lot of people, from John Humphrys to George Osborne and beyond, have suggested that the government’s promise of a review (led by ex-banker Sir David Walker, he of the let-them-police-themselves review into private equity) is not enough.

If you believe the government (with which I’ve been in contact today) all the heat generated by this review is unfair. They will be taking action in the next few weeks to cap pay and/or bonuses, promise. The review is the long-term remedy, which will addres the thorny question of how remuneration is linked to risk – the link which suposedly got us in this mess in the first place.

But ah, they would say that, wouldn’t they? Anyway, read more in Tribune.



One Response to “Bankers’ bonuses: what is going on/going on?”

  1. Trampoline Man Says:

    Its up to the companies to manage bonus payments, and the link to real benefit to the company. Clearly the last system did not aid the companies and they paid the price, but its an issue for the company and their manages and owners, not legislation. Now we are the owners, we get to have the say, but its still not legislation, its called management.

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