How blogging works

statsTypical. I write about the Warwick Agreement, which is so critical to Labour’s future, and it gets 186 views. I write about whether Labour’s national executive committee will issue papers to re-nominate Gordon Brown, and it gets 142 views. I then quote Derek Draper yelling at David Hencke (below), and it gets read 1,896 times to date.  Needless to say, almost all those people followed links from Guido Fawkes and Iain Dale. I’ve only just met Draper; I fear this won’t endear me to him.

I also suspect those readers won’t stick around to hear what I’ve got to say about trade unions or the next reshuffle. Ho hum.


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2 Responses to “How blogging works”

  1. Peppone Says:

    hmm you needed to learn that 🙂 ive had some very strage blog stake off in my day job

  2. lastreporter Says:

    Heh. Well, maybe I didn’t need to learn it, just experience it… and then use it as an excuse for posting my only vaguely exciting bit of stat porn. Anyway, my mum seemed pleased 😀

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