Amicus election: a heads up

 Well, the polls in the Unite Amicus election finally closed yesterday at noon, and very soon I’ll be bringing you the results and cutting-edge analysis. I don’t have an exit poll, as sadly there isn’t one, but with even Print Week looking out for the result it looks like this is going to be one of the most keenly followed trade union elections of recent times. (Actually, Print Week have a point, as Unite has a graphical-print-and-media sector).

So rest assured, if you want the result – you’ll find it here, first(ish), fast and frightfully fresh. Electoral Reform Services are due to finish counting today.



One Response to “Amicus election: a heads up”

  1. Tony Burke Says:

    The reason whay Print Week ran a story on the election in this weeks issue is that regularly cover issues related to Unite, including news of disputes, pay settlements, union recogntion’s etc.

    They speak to our officials on a regular basis, and although they print some rubbish sometimes, when it comes to issues that effect print workers they usually carry comment from Unite officials who work in the Graphical, Paper & Media Sector.

    The Unite GPM Sector, is one of the biggest sectors in the former Amicus section, and certainly one of the most active!


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