Unite has funded LabourList in the past

I think I should qualify what Iain Dale, Tory Bear and Jim Pickard of the FT have been saying about funding of LabourList. Apparently* the press office of Unite the Union (political director: Charlie Whelan – please note, Telegraph, not Wheelan) have denied that they fund LabourList. Well, on one level that is true: they don’t regularly send money their way, and may not have done so for some months.

But the fact is, Unite have paid for a couple of adverts on LabourList in the past, so to suggest that money has never changed hands – which the above commentators appear to think is the Unite line – is not true. If someone wants to have a look at those adverts, I’m sorry, I don’t have screenshots. I can’t even tell you if they definitely appeared on the website. But the space was bought.

Will more adverts be bought? And will Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley, Unite’s joint bosses, continue to have articles in their name published on LabourList, at least while Derek Draper is in charge? Good questions – to which I’ve obtained no answers yet.

From LabourList’s financial statement: “We receive no money from the Labour party and are funded by advertising, sponsorship and donations.”

I didn’t want to post another short-term reactive blog post so soon after the last one, but oh well…

*I tried asking Unite’s press office about their relationship to LabourList this week, but they didn’t get back to me before I checked out of the office.


3 Responses to “Unite has funded LabourList in the past”

  1. Tory Bear Says:

    Keep up the good work.

  2. That's News Says:

    You make some valid points. I am sure the truth will all come out, eventually.

  3. FT.com | Westminster Blog | Who - if anyone - funds LabourList? Says:

    […] Lavanchy points out that Unite bought some ads on LabourList, which is one form of […]

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