Which Vauxhall plant will close?

Tony Woodley’s at it again.

Three months ago, he predicted that a UK motor factory was on the brink of collapse. The Sunday Times claimed it was Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port, just days after I said the plant wouldn’t close. In the end, it turned out to be LDV that was in trouble.

Now, the Financial Times is reporting that Unite union officials are saying that Woodley – who himself used to work at Ellesmere Port – fears one of Vauxhall’s two plants in the UK will have to close as a result of the likely takeover of General Motors Europe.

Lord Mandelson is predictably unhappy. Well, there’s no love lost between him and Woodley – who once called for Mandelson’s fellow Blairite and predecessor John Hutton to be sacked.

Anyway, which plant has Unite sounded the death knell for? Despite Woodley’s links to Ellesmere Port, my money’s on Luton. Ellesmere Port has only just been kitted out to build the new Astra from September. Luton, on the other hand, produces the Vivaro, a large van… which is what LDV made.


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One Response to “Which Vauxhall plant will close?”

  1. Robin Says:

    I think Luton is looking decidedly vulnerable with Magna likely to get rid of some capacity, a likely deal with the German government to protect German jobs and the very difficult task of extricating the new Astra from Merseyside.

    Still, even if that’s true I don’t know what Woodley thinks he’s doing shooting his mouth off all the time. I wouldn’t thank him if I were a Vauxhall worker.

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