It will by now be obvious to regular readers that I haven’t been posting much recently. Sorry about that. Recent extra work and my life generally getting more complicated have put paid to it somewhat.

So the blogging is officially suspended until further notice, which is a pity as there have been lots of things I’ve been interested in blogging about recently, such as ‘why does Labour’s star chamber not have faith in itself’ (it doesn’t) and ‘why are the unions so rude about David Miliband’ (they are)?

Meanwhile, anyone with stories, comments, encouragement, abuse etc. is very welcome to contact me at the e-mail address over on the right. Cheers.


3 Responses to “Mothballs”

  1. Jim Pickard Says:

    Come back Lavanchy! Your blog is really rather good – when you’re writing it. Return.

  2. Get You And Your Motorbike Prepared For The Summer Ahead | Motorbike Information Says:

    […] Mothballs « René Lavanchy's Blog […]

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