Jerry Hicks and an ‘entente cordiale’

Yes yes, I know I’m late with this… sorry. The man who came a surprise second in the Unite Amicus election earlier this year has finally announced he will indeed stand for the big job in next year’s poll.

I spoke to Jerry today where he was canvassing (alongside Len McCluskey) at Unite’s sector conferences in Brighton. He reported an “entente cordiale” seemed to have broken out between himself and the leadership, whom he has gone out of his way to criticise in the past. And he’s still at it:

“As was with the last election it is likely that all the other candidates will be senior officials of the union… I have been a critic of Derek Simpson but truth is he has been allowed to get away with far too much with too little opposition from the same senior officials who would have us believe they should run our union. Our members deserve a better choice than simply more of the same.”

Mind you, he was quite restrained about Derek Simpson, attacking his pay package as “in excess of £130,000” when it went through the £200,000 mark last year.


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2 Responses to “Jerry Hicks and an ‘entente cordiale’”

  1. Judas Says:

    Jerry ‘do do run’ Hicks is an opportunist egomaniac ultra left infantile sectarian who loves posturing and screaming betrayal at the Union bureaucracy but then desperately wants to become the big chief numero uno bureaucrat of Unite.

    Hicks’ wasted over £1 million of UNITE members money on a pointless election, which Hicks, got forced through (and then lost) by using the bureaucratic High Commissioner and State over lord of trade unions – the Certification Officer.

    He took legal action to oppose the rule book and force an election (which the rank and file GEC from both sections had agreed and members from both sections had voted to approve) in the Amicus section of Unite. Lets not forget Hicks self serving desire for an election was only ever valid for a year before the vote for thankfully a single Unite GS in 2010.

    The ex -amicus ultra left obsession with the ex -amicus right wing continues to distort their judgement with in Unite and is now trying to poison the United Left which will only damage the United Left candidate for GS Len McCluskey and help the ex amicus right wing candidate, which looks likes it is going to be the dodgy and spiv like Les Baylis.

    Why didn’t he listen to the views of the then broad left ex-T&G section activists who generally thought it was a total waste of members money and a display in wanton ego in going to the State High Commisioner for Trade Unions?

    Don’t forget when thousands of members are losing their jobs and Unite is shedding membership which is resulting in redundancies at Unite what does Hicks do, he pours away over a £1 million which could have been used for training thousands of shop stewards, funding countless strike actions and employing scores of organisers to organise the unorganised.

    Hicks then put himself forward as a United Left candidate (recently formed from ex Amicus AUG and ex T&G Broad Left) for next year’s GS elections and accepted an invite to speak at the United Left hustings.

    When it became obvious that he and his handful of ultra left followers could not bus in people for the hustings (I even heard someone at a United Left meeting try to justify the bus in of people by saying the right wing did it in Amicus so the left can do it in UNITE … No!)and affect the result they resorted to plan B where Hicks does a pre planned infantile stage managed pathetic walk out.

    Hicks and his sectarian followers showed utter comtempt for broad left activists and blew any iota of respect.

    Why did he bother? I know its is just what ultra left infantile sectarians who love posturing do but do you really think that is what 2 million members want or need in a General Secretary?

  2. Steve Brown Says:

    I take it that the above commentator also disapproved of the legal challenge to Sir Ken Jackson made by Derek Simpson on exactly the same issue to force an election in 2002? Does he also approve the £200,000 pay package together with the million pound union house for life that Unite members have to pay for?

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