Unite election: Bayliss inviting Reuter to join campaign?

This is interesting. A reliable corner of the Unite union’s ever-grinding rumour mill believes that Les Bayliss, Derek Simpson’s preferred candidate to be the next general secretary, is asking his rival Paul Reuter to join his campaign.

Reuter has been considering for some months now whether to declare his candidacy to be the union’s first single leader. From his many on-the-record comments it’s clear that sees himself as a unity candidate who isn’t associated with either Amicus (his half of Unite) or the T&G. Bayliss would say the same thing no doubt, but as preferred candidate of Simpson, whose clashes with the T&G are well known, it’s perhaps a bit harder to make the case for being a unity candidate. The same goes for the other prominent contender, Len McCluskey of the T&G, Tony Woodley’s man for the job.

So if this is true* (which I think it is or I wouldn’t have bothered writing this) what does it mean? It could mean that Bayliss sees Reuter as a formidable opponent and wants to neutralise him. Or maybe Reuter, with his long track record in the union, is just a useful man to have on board and rally the troops?

Watch this space…

*I have asked both Bayliss and Reuter, but they haven’t replied yet. I’ll post their replies if and when they do.


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One Response to “Unite election: Bayliss inviting Reuter to join campaign?”

  1. Andy Erlam Says:

    The important questions to ask of all the candidates are:

    1. What do they stand for, in detail?

    2. What is their record?

    3. What guarantees are there that each candidate will deliver on promises?

    This is all that matters.

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