Unite election: Gail Cartmail joins the fray

Gail Cartmail is Unite’s assistant general secretary for the public sector. I quoted her once in a Tribune article about Colombia, about two years ago, and remember it was hard to get hold of her as she was “very busy” back then.

And she’s decided to stand for Unite general secretary. Her website is here.

Gail is from the Amicus side of Unite, so if members vote along Amicus/T&G lines, Les Bayliss, Paul Reuter and Jerry Hicks are now looking severely disadvantaged compared to Len McCluskey.

Maybe I should change this blog’s name to “René Lavanchy’s Trade Union Eleciton and Associated Dirt Blog”…


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7 Responses to “Unite election: Gail Cartmail joins the fray”

  1. Anon Says:

    Great, she has no chance of winning, but she may pick up votes from women in the T&G

    • Anonymous Says:

      Your assumption is wrong that she can’t win. She could easily win especially given the mess the men have made of things.

  2. Anon Says:

    Anon is right, and what a stupid comment to make in reply. Not only is Gail an AGS, and so therefore is making decisions at the top of the union along side other female AGS’s, unless she never makes a decision on her own without consulting the GS’s which demonstrates no leadership skills, but we also have EC women members and its the EC that helps to run the union with female activists making policy, so how can it be just “the men”? What’s more, if Gail has any chance of winning she will need support from both men and women and this approach of its a women/man thing will never help her…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Anon raised the women’s vote suggesting Gail may attract TGWU section women. Why is that? Could it be that a more diverse field (as opposed to an entirely male line up) will increase interest and participation in what will otherwise be a very low voter turnout.

  4. Anon Says:

    That’s a good point. It could be a very low turnout with so many elections taking place. GS, General, EC…I would have thought that a low turnout may favour Hicks or Reuter as they have recently run and already have a few thousand votes behind them.

  5. Told how to vote Says:

    Hello Rene,

    this is the first time that I have posted a comment, and as there is a lot of fear amongst officers and staff about what may happen to us I would prefer that my identity remains “anon”

    According to one EC member, who wishes to remain anonymous, John Rowse National Officer from the former T&G is also running.

    Apparently he made the announcement last week, you may wish to speak to him to confirm…

  6. anon Says:

    I believe that:
    Gail will make a sober GS. The ‘men’ have not yet broken the mold of the beer swilling oaf, bigging themselves up and doing deals over jars of ale.
    Gail will not be accused of sexual and fiscal impropriety and have it hushed up or paid off with our money.
    I believe that Gail will make the better GS where the ‘men’ have covered themselves in accusations of sleeze and corruption and bullying and exposed themselves and the Union to allegations of disrepute over the years.
    Unite must lead the way with a strong woman leader who has won her spurs the hard way and stands by those values she has outlined in her manifesto.
    Review your choice and go for Gail for GS.

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