Paul Holmes to stand for Unison general secretary

You read it here first (here to be precise). The man I tipped just over a week ago to be the left candidate for general secretary of Britain’s biggest public sector union – running against incumbent Dave Prentis – looks set to get endorsed as a candidate this week by the Unison United Left faction, having already told friends he wants to stand.

Paul Holmes is secretary of the Kirklees (West Yorkshire) Unison branch and a member of the Labour party and the Labour Representation Committee. This puts him firmly in the same camp as the other disaffected left-wingers in Unison, in both the Labour and Socialist parties, that are constantly clashing with the union leadership. Jon Rogers of the union’s national executive is clearly a fan, as he posts here in what looks like a thinly veiled advert for Holmes’ candidacy… Holmes needs about 20 nominations from branches to run; I suspect he’ll get them.

Oh and he blogs here.

Update: Bugger me if I didn’t forget the most important thing about Holmes’ candidacy – to outside observers anyway: he’s promised to give members an annual ballot on affiliation to Labour, which they don’t have currently.

Dave Prentis has a campaign website, and Unison Active has more on a third candidate, the Socialist Party’s Roger Bannister, as TonyC points out below.


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12 Responses to “Paul Holmes to stand for Unison general secretary”

  1. TonyC Says:

    Vanity blogging? I read it here 10 hours ago:

    Roger Bannister also standing on behalf of the Socialist Party. And a black member from NW region Delroy Cleary is seeking nominations.

  2. Steve K Says:

    UNISON United Left? What a total fucking joke.

  3. lastreporter Says:

    Tony: Heh. I still think I got in there first with my previous post.

  4. Johnny Jasper Says:

    How come you can’t comment on Holmes’ blog? I’ve heard he’s a technophobe which doesn’t bode well for him as a Gen Sec! But I wanted to ask him why he doesn’t say anything about a Gen Sec on a workers wage in his nomination request and can’t do so.

  5. rosa Says:

    He does say workers wage its the very firt sentance – can you read johnny jasper?

    I thought it was first blogged on

  6. rosa Says:

    Very first sentence even lol

  7. Blog Watcher Says:

    Tony, don’t knock Rene’s blog post. If it wasn’t for him, and people like him, we wouldn’t get to find out such information. At least this post has started a debate. Keep up the fair reporting.

    Dr. S.Pin.

  8. Phil Perryman Says:

    Holmes’s ego is simply doing the bidding of the SWP who are hiding behind his Labour Party membership. A sign of how marginal they have become in unison

  9. right to choose Says:

    You say “he’s promised to give members an annual ballot on affiliation to Labour, which they don’t have currently” Every Unison member has the individual right to choose to affiliate to the Labour Party or not, they can change this decision at any time, a right Paul Holmes and the SWP want to be taken away from Unison members.

  10. Jon Rogers Says:

    The attacks above on Paul are either ill-informed or deliberately dishonest.

    As a Labour Party member (like Paul) I want to defend our affiliation to the Party and make it work.

    Unlike the Chair of our Labour Link Committee I am honest about my Party membership when I stand for election to our NEC.

    Paul stands for honesty – and anyone who has had to sit through the bizarre events whereby an election we were not allowed to discuss before Christmas then had to be rushed through in the New Year will agree that we need a bit more honesty at the top of our Union!

  11. John Gray Says:

    Honest “Jon Rogers”? Yeah? The witch hunting charlatan who has the cheek to call his opponents’ “dishonest” while pretending to be a Labour party member?

    Who also secretly admits that he does not believe in parliamentary democracy and that the only reason he isn’t open about working with his Trotskyite extremist fellow travellers is that he will be expelled from the Party.

  12. Angela Says:

    Can anyone direct me to any information about how the candidates intend to improve the service offered by Unison to individual members who have problems with their employers? I have now been suspended for almost a year and am totally disillusioned by the response from Unison and their refusal to recognise that a lot of their members feel the same as I do. I note that their appears to be no forum for members to comment on the Unison website.

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