Royal Mail’s great transparency over their new agreement

Just to be clear, this means no official line on how many jobs will go, whether deliveries will take longer or whether people will lose out after delivery payments are abolished…
From: rene.lavanchy

Subject: Modernisation agreement – questions

Date: 9 March 2010 11:41:37 GMT


|        Subject: Modernisation agreement – questions


Dear xxxx,

Further to my call, here are questions on the modernisation agreement with

the CWU:

1) Regarding ‘Job Security/Managing The Change’ (p8) Although you want to

avoid compulsory redundancies, do you have an idea of how many people Royal

Mail will employ after modernisation is complete? If not, why not?

2) Regarding delivery spans (p23). Does this mean delivery spans will no

longer be restricted to 3.5 hours?

3) Does reducing the length of the working week increase the number of job

losses resulting from this agreement?

4) D2D payments are being phased out and replaced by a weekly flat rate of

£20.60 (p60). Can you confirm this means a pay cut for everyone who

currently delivers more than 1,233 items a week? If not, can you clarify?

5) Regarding full-time vs part-time mix (p8) does this mean an increase or

decrease in the proportion of part-time staff, compared to the current


6) Regarding travel expenses (p11) will they eventually fall for staff who

claim over £1250 a year?

My deadline is Wednesday afternoon but if I could hear back before (at

least as to whether your are able to respond) that would be very helpful.

Many thanks




Subject: Re: Modernisation agreement – questions

Date: 10 March 2010 10:26:14 GMT

To: rene.lavanchy

Hi Rene,

I can confirm that I am unable to give further information outside of that

provided by our news release and the information in the agreement.



Royal Mail Group



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