Iain Dale – an apology

In my post below, I referred to Nick Griffin’s Total Politics interview with Iain Dale. Unfortunately I hadn’t noticed that the press release I was quoting from was embargoed until midnight today, and I broke the embargo by blogging about it.

It’s a total accident, but a totally stupid one. As a lowly and little-read blogger I’ve got much more to lose than gain by such lapses. But more to the point, it was a breach of trust and journalistic practice, accidental or otherwise. So to Iain I say sorry, and I’ll make sure it never happens again. I am now quite embarrassed.

Incidentally, the interview did sound fascinating, and now the embargo’s off (and it’s on newsstands on Saturday) I encourage people to go and read it.

Apologies to all concerned.



2 Responses to “Iain Dale – an apology”

  1. Iain Dale Says:

    No worries, Rene. I have done it myself and been hideously embarrassed. Thank you for the apology.

  2. The Watcher Says:


    not to worry these things happen, you may feel bad about it but at least you are not the lead negotiator in the BA dispute!

    Mr Youareh Avingalaugh

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