Nick Clegg disappoints the Xbox 360 vote

When I read Nick Clegg’s interview in the Evening Standard on Monday, my eyes leapt to the end of the piece. Sam Leith writes of the Lib Dem battlebus:

“Inside it’s very plush and new: comfy sofas of pale leather; flat-screen tellies. The snacks are appropriately austere: a bowl of fruit and a big basket of individual pots of jam. There’s Molton Brown liquid handwash at the sink. Copies of two magazines: Harper’s Bazaar and Food and Travel. On the table is the controller for an Xbox 360.”

Could it be true? Could Clegg be the first leader of a political party to play Microsoft’s best-selling Xbox 360 games console, titles for which include the equally best-selling (and mildly controversial) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

As an Xbox gamer myself, I couldn’t resist asking. But no. Nick Clegg’s spokesman says: “I can confirm that he doesn’t play Xbox. It just came with the bus.” Some journalists have played football games on it, he added.

Maybe it’s just as well. Some prople have reported adverse reactions to using Xboxes of the sort that would not become a potential Westminster kingmaker.

If Clegg ever gets the urge to have a go, the Tribune office recommends Tropico 3, Halo 3 and, of course, Modern Warfare 2.

(from the Tribune blog)


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