Unite to challenge John Prescott for Labour treasurer?

You read it here first. As Tribune reported last week, John Prescott (who incidentally is to be made a lord) is to stand for the treasurership of the Labour Party – an elected position on the party’s national executive committee which normally sees them in charge of fundraising but doesn’t make them legally in charge of accounts.

But the unions are far from pleased. The view within Unite, Labour’s biggest donor, and perhaps elsewhere, is that the role belongs to the unions: the outgoing treasurer Jack Dromey was deputy general secretary of Unite, from the T&G section, his predecessor Jimmy Elsby was also a T&G official and his predecessor Margaret Prosser worked for Unison was as well.

In the fag-end of my weekend off work, I heard that Unite is going to stand a candidate against Prescott, who is not thought to have consulted the brothers a great deal.

Will Prescott (who does seem very keen on the job) stand down? Who knows? But union hackles have already been raised over mooted Labour plans to stop them promoting their favoured Labour leadership candidates, and the powerful Unite political director Charlie Whelan doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. (Well, except on holiday to the World Cup in South Africa. I’ll stop now, it’s past my bedtime and I seem to be turning into a poor man’s Kevin Maguire…)

This should be an interesting battle. Watch this space.

P.S. Labour’s general secretary (and legal treasurer) Ray Collins, who will be in the thick of said fight, is of course a former senior official of… Unite.

Update: Thanks to Tony below for pointing out Prosser worked for the T&G. Like Prescott, she has just been given a peerage.


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2 Responses to “Unite to challenge John Prescott for Labour treasurer?”

  1. Tony Says:

    Prosser was ex-T&G not UNISON. She is now in the Lords.

  2. Enoch Was Right Says:

    Good. Someone needs to make sure that the pudgy puffball has a long and useless retirement to match the long and useless career that preceeded it.

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