Mr Demos joins the ‘Con-Dems’

Not too many raised eyebrows at the headquarters of non-aligned think-tank Demos at the news that their director Richard Reeves is to join Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg next month as a special adviser on £85,000 a year (a bit of a pay cut from his current job).

After all, Reeves was, I am told, seldom off the phone to Clegg, and is thought to have dined with David Cameron’s head of strategy Steve Hilton* on a regular basis.

But why is he doing it? Does a career in frontline politics beckon, perhaps – will he follow the path of so many SpAds and become a parliamentary candidate? For now, Reeves is working on political strategy – which may (or many not) have something to do with ensuring that Simon Hughes, the newly elected Lib Dem deputy leader regarded as somewhat to the left of Clegg, doesn’t become a liabiltiy to the coalition government.

*now one of David Cameron’s 18 special advisers, on £5000 a year more than Reeves


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