Unite union election gets nasty

By email anyway. Within days of Unite election candidate Simon Dubbins withdrawing and throwing his weight behind Len McCluskey for the Unite leadership, McCluskey’s main rival Les Bayliss has launched a stinging attack on the pair of them – and it gets personal. Here’s an email Bayliss has sent to full-time officers in the union:

“The first casualty of war, they say, is truth. Well two of the combatants in Unites ongoing fight for the General Secretary position have entirely annihilated truth in their statements this week.
“First we were asked by Simon Dubbins to believe that he underwent a Nick Cleggesque political transformation during the policy conference in Manchester last week. Apparently he no longer considers himself to be the only “unity” candidate on offer. Nor does he feel his relative youth compared to other candidates is an electoral asset any longer. So he is teaming up with the oldest candidate currently available Len McCluskey. He may of course have come to this view since Len McCluskey’s supporters on the Executive Council forced through a regulation that will remove the candidate’s age from the ballot form, thus rendering age a secret to be kept from the members.
“The second battering of the truth comes from Len McCluskey himself. He welcomes Simon’s bold and courageous step in joining up with him to beat a path toward a united Unite, and not a carbon copy of either previous unions. Strangely Simon has chosen to overlook the fact that Len’s election campaign is based almost word for word on Tony Woodley’s GS campaign in the T&G back in 2003. So much for building Unite mark 1.
“The truth is, as always, less prosaic [sic]. Simon Dubbins hasn’t got the required 10 years membership of Unite to be a candidate for General Secretary. A fact he may have only recently been alerted to, last week perhaps, in which case it would seem that he cannot have given the idea of standing as GS the necessary serious consideration. Alternatively he may of known all along and his intention was always to do a deal with Len McCluskey, albeit not quite as early in he campaign as this. Either way neither option reflects well on either man does it?

More on the Unite election – and what Dubbins supporters make of this message (clue – they don’t agree with it) later…


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