Dave Prentis re-elected

Since I’ve blogged about the Unison general secretary election, it’s only fair to note that Dave Prentis’ re-election as general secretary was announced this week. (If I sound a tad blasé, it’s because no shrewd observer expected him to lose). Prentis comfortably saw off challenges from Socialist Party member Roger Bannister and Unison United Left faction candidate Paul Holmes to get 67.2 per cent of the vote, down from 75.6 per cent in 2005.

Bannister polled 19.7 per cent and Holmes 13 per cent. Turnout was about 15.7 per cent (216,116 valid votes in all).

In a statement, Prentis said: “We are ready to face the tough times ahead, we are growing in strength and numbers.  Together we will stand up for quality public services, for the hardworking people that provide them, and for the poor, the sick and vulnerable people who rely on them for support.”

He’s right about the numbers – Unison put on over 30,000 members last year. What happens to those numbers, after the coalition government takes Labour’s public sector spending cut plans and builds on them, remains to be seen.


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