Build a power station, get a nearly-five-per-cent pay rise

Last year I blogged here about how, in a climate of austerity, engineering construction trade unions had secured an inflation-busting pay rise.

Well, strike two: they’ve done it again, only in a climate of even more austerity. Workers on engineering construction sites – power stations, gas terminals, motorways and the like – will get a 4.7 per cent pay rise from 2011, it’s been announced.

Phil Davies, who leads on the sector for the GMB union, told me this was a “good deal”. “It’s one of the top ones in the collective bargaining area.”

The deal reflects the fact that big things still need to be built – partly in the energy sector. Last year’s Ofgem report indicated there would be more capital investment, while this week three renewables firms announced they would build new factories.

But there’s also the prospect of big contracts being handed out for the government’s High Speed 2 rail link and the upgrading of trunk roads.

The latest industry reports show that, while orders in the sector fell last year they did not fall catastrophically, and orders are currently picking up. In engineering construction, the pay rises show no sign of abating.


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3 Responses to “Build a power station, get a nearly-five-per-cent pay rise”

  1. john brown Says:

    And who is responsible at Unite for leading the negotiations? It’s Les Bayliss who Tony Woodley says has no negotiating experience, conveniently forgetting the quiet professional work he’s done to achive this great deal for members.

  2. Steve Miller Says:

    Wou8ld that be the same Les Bayliss who has admitted receiving money from business people for his campaign. He who attacks an ongoing dispute that our members have led all the way and he who has cheated and broken the rules all the way through this election.
    Sounds like a guy we can trust

  3. A night at the Thistle Hotel Says:

    Steve you sound really worried, if you were convinced that Les was going to lose it wouldn’t matter… Can you be sure where all of McCluskey’s funding has come from? Re read the quotes, I don’t think Les was knocking members, but the way the negotiations have been led and handled. For example, if you are going to turn up and gate crash two, not one, national officers brief you can’t just walk away when it all goes wrong.. And where is Steve Turner, and how good is the recent offer…?

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